Don't forget
your socks!

House of Play "HOP" Indoor Playground 

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

As of June 13, 2020 House of Play will be temporarily closed to the public.  We are taking reservations for private events.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  

Some changes to consider when visiting House of Play:

*All employees will be required to have temperature checks and wear a mask.

*We kindly ask all patrons to wear a mask whenever possible and practice physical distancing at all times.  

*Adults are not allowed inside the play structures unless extenuating circumstances may arise.


*All children will be asked to wash or sanitize hands before entering the play area and have their temperature checked. 

*Playtime is limited to 2 hours and we will be closing at certain times of the day for cleaning. 


*Occupancy is limited therefore reservations are recommended.  Please call for details.

*In addition to the closed cleaning time staff will be cleaning high traffic areas continuously throughout the day. This is standard practice under any circumstances.

*Some play activities will not be available such as reading books, foam balls (which includes the ball fountain and ball shooters), blocks and similar items will be removed.

*A COVID-19 waiver will be required in addition to our release of Liability waiver. 

*Specials are not available, however we will honor prepaid coupons that have not expired or VIP admissions.

*Re-admission is currently not available. 

For easy check in sign your waiver before your visit!! Click on the Orange box below

Check our calendar for OPEN PLAY hours!  
Private Reservations require 1 week notice

If you do not see a package that accommodates your needs give us a call we are happy to help you with planning your big event.  Also keep in mind when checking out you can add on additional items to any of the packages.  Private Reservations require 1 week notice. 

Save time and sign your waiver now!  Click here

Have a private event with us!  We now have options for private reservations any day of the week for 25 or 50 guest.  Call us for details!  Occupancy is limited to 50 persons to allow physical distancing and other safety guidelines are in place to ensure a safe enviornment for all our guest. 


Our facility is open to the public for open play (see calendar for details).  We welcome you to come spend the day with us and your little ones for an adventure through our playground! Socks are required in all play areas and are available for purchase at $2.50/pair,

General admission:  16.95 for the first child and just $10.95 for each additional child

“Little Hoppers”: All kids that are 2 years of age and under are just $12.95

Infants:  Infants that are not yet walking are free with a paid general admission

Moms, Dads, and/or a child’s care giver:  We encourage all adults to join in on the fun!  We allow 1 adult per child at no additional charge, there will be a $5 charge for each additional adult. 

Re Admission: (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE) Take a time out and return later the same day for only $5 per family

Discount VIP Package:  Get 10 visits for $99!  This is the best value and they never expire. Plus get free re-admission all day when you use an admission from your VIP package.

Open Play hours are subject to change based on Private Events

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1.  Can we bring our own food?

Yes, we do allow you to bring in snack food items only. No "hot" food items, or take out is allowed. There is NO alcohol or smoking allowed in our facility at all times.

For private parties NO hot food items are allowed.  You can bring in snack food items such as, chips, vegetable platters, fruit platters, sandwiches, etc..  Our refrigerator space is reserved for cakes only.  So we do not recommend any food items that need to be kept cold.  You can bring in your own drinks, just remember NO alcohol is allowed. If you have questions please feel free to contact us. 

2. Does House of Play provide supervision in the play areas?

Our trained staff will provide supervision however, it is a shared responsibility between our adult guest and our staff. 

3. What type of play equipment do you have? 

House of play's soft play equipment is safety certified.  We have a large soft play area for kids 2 and under, a service station and School of HOP for pretend play.  In our large soft play structure there is a zipline, a trampoline, ball blasters, and much more. 

4. Is each guest including adults required to sign a waiver? 

Yes, all guest must sign a waiver including grand parents and those who are  just spectators.  For insurance purposes everyone must sign a waiver. Save time and sign your waiver now! Click here

5. Do I need to stay with my child for open play? 

Yes, parent participation is required.  Parent/guardian must be responsible for their child/children. 

6. Is House of Play safe and clean? 

Absolutely!  Our play equipment is safety certified and we do daily, weekly, and monthly inspections to ensure safety and cleanliness.

7. What are the playground rules? 

  •  All guest including adults must wear socks in the play areas at all times.

  • We respectfully request that patrons of House of Play do not bring into the facility any items resembling party favors  during open play hours. For example but not limited to cake, balloons, presents, party hats, etc. Please make a party reservation for special occasions.

  • Please do not bring children to play that have symptoms of a contagious illness. We keep everything clean but ask you to help us minimize the spread of germs. Any kids observed to have a fever, vomit or show other outward signs of a contagious illness will be asked to leave.

  • No food or drinks allowed in the play area.

  • Drop-offs are not permitted.

  • Running or climbing up the slides or on the outside of the structures is NOT allowed.

  • The parent/guardian of kids playing in a manner that is dangerous or disrespectful, will be asked to supervise the child’s behavior more closely. If we have to ask more than 3 times to stop something that might cause harm to his/herself or other children, we reserve the right to request the child to leave for the day.

  • Spitting and hitting will not be tolerated.

  • No foul language is allowed.

  • We have two diaper changing stations for your convenience. Please do not change diapers in the play rooms or in our lounge area for sanitary reasons.

  • No riding of scooters onto padded areas, dining room, or any other area other than our creative play room.  One child per scooter, and please use scooters only for its intended use.

  • All guests are required to sign and comply with our Waiver of liability upon entering our facility.  Sign your waiver now!

8. What are the terms and conditions for booking a party?

  • A 50% deposit is due at time of reservation.

  • A Deposit is refundable until 21 days prior to your party date. There is a $50 Processing and Loss of Business fee taken out of refunds. Refunds take 10-15 business days to process.

  • If there are less than 21 days until your party, deposits are non refundable.

  • If you need to reschedule, the deposit will be applied to the new party date but must take place within the next 4 weeks subject to availability.

  • A $50 Processing fee will be applied to any party that needs to be rescheduled.

  • A party may not be rescheduled more than once.

  • The remaining balance of your party must be paid in full no later than 24 hours prior to your scheduled event. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover and cash. Sorry, no checks.

  • If you would like any add-ons like food items, balloons, or party favors please let us know at least 5 days in advance.

  • We absolutely cannot accept parties larger than the maximum allowed capacity per party room.  Please consider this when inviting your guest. Do not forget to include the guest of honor and all siblings. 

  • Let us know about any required changes 14 days prior to your party so we can prepare accommodations, we want your party to go as smooth as possible.

  • All children must be supervised at all times. Drop-offs are not permitted.

  • You must vacate your party room per your reserved time.  Our staff must have time to clean and setup for the next event.

  • For private parties NO outside hot food items are allowed.  You can bring in snack food items such as, chips, vegetable platters, fruit platters, sandwiches, etc.  Our refrigerator space is reserved for cakes only.  So we do not recommend any food items that need to be kept cold. Please advise us if you have any special dietary needs.

  • You may bring your own balloons to the party but they must already be inflated. If you need HOP to inflate them, there is a charge of $1-10 per balloon depending on the size.

  • You are welcome to bring additional party décor for your party room but you are responsible for setup and clean up of those items. Only one banner per room can be adhered with scotch tape only.  Nothing else can be stapled, thumbtacked, nailed, glued or taped to the walls.

  • No alcoholic beverages, smoking, or illegal substances are ever allowed inside HOP.

  • On the day of the event if you go over your maximum occupancy additional fees will apply. For an Ultimate Party: a charge of $20 per person for the first 10 people over the maximum, if you exceed the maximum occupancy by more than 10 guest you will be required to upgrade to an Ultimate Plus Party.  For a Super Party: a charge of $20 per person for the first 5 people over the maximum occupancy, if you exceed the maximum occupancy by more than 5 guest you will be required to upgrade to an Ultimate Party.

  • All guests are required to sign and comply with our Waiver of liability upon entering our facility. Save time and sign your waiver now!

Q&A/rules are subject to change. Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions that you may have.